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How to extend / renew flickr pro account

My wife flickr account pro almost expire, it will expire on October 2009.

Since she stay at my mother in law house with our newly born child she ask me to renew her account on flickr.

I thought the process is quite clear but I’ll post it for some people that might have difficult on doing this procedure.

1. Login to flickr

A confirmation message will appear, click on head over to the upgrade page.


Click on Buy Now button


2. How Long

Choose how long do you want to renew, I choose A 1 year account and click on button ‘OK! I’m ready to pay


Login to a yahoo mail account required, enter password and click “sign in


Page about order detail will display, I choose paypal because I prefer to use my paypal balance.


Follow the instruction and you’ll see your order history at flickr.


Great, my wife can upload new photo of our daughter without worry 🙂

Flickr Pro rules!