Howto install Aptana studio with php support

I’m old fashion student who use phpcoder as tool for coding php until my friend suggest aptana editor with php support. When everything configured properly I’ll have php interpreter for immediate debug purpose and I think it’s suitable for new php user 🙂

I decide to give this software a try and here it goes.

Install Aptana

Aptana studio available from their website, I use free version. (1.5)

After download it I run installer to get installation work.

Welcome to Aptana Studio 1.5 setup, click Next to start.


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WARNING: Found /var/db/mysql/my.cnf

MySQL 5.4 beta already hit freebsd ports and I eager to try it after read a lot of review.
Everyhing seem OK until I want to start the server.

# /usr/local/etc/rc.d/mysql-server restart
mysql not running? (check /var/db/mysql/

hmmm, perhaps I can try mysqld_safe

# /usr/local/bin/mysqld_safe &
[1] 87164
proxy2# WARNING: Found /var/db/mysql/my.cnf
Datadir is deprecated place for my.cnf, please move it to /usr/local/etc

Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /var/db/mysql
STOPPING server from pid file /var/db/mysql/
090725 10:46:54 mysqld ended

What, after a moment I try to follow it.

# mv /var/db/mysql/my.cnf /usr/local/etc/

restart again and still not work, after remove it completely I see it work.

# rm /usr/local/etc/my.cnf

Hmm, I think I have to downgrade back to 5.0.84 and wait till 5.4 final 🙂

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How to Setting ntp client in Mikrotik

RouterBoard have special behavior, that’s my observation after install MT in hard disk and then bought RB433AH.

In RB433AH time setting automatically to January 1970 every time its get restart. Till I use ntp (network time protocol) client in MT.

The step to set ntp client in MT :

1. Click ‘System’ -> NTP Client.


2. Enter information of ntp server.

I use google for shortcut, enter search term :

‘ntp server for Singapore’, resulted in :

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Setting up RouterBoard RB433 AH

New Mikrotik RB has arrived, its RB433AH wireless indoor.

As I never use mikrotik before it’s time to configure it for first use :

1. Download neigbour viewer for windows from mikrotik.


2. Unzip the files using winzip or winrar.

Double click to launch neighbour viewer

At first time IP address will display it means no ip address assigned.

To assign new address double click its MAC address.

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Install AnsavAnti Virus in Ubuntu Server

Playing around with anti virus lead me to ansav, a free anti virus that convince me to give it a chance for our linux server.

Installation process is simple as 123 :

1. Download core engine and update from here.

2. Install ansav.

dpkg -i ansav-linux-i386.deb

3. Move latest update to /etc/ansav

mv dbs.anv /etc/ansav/

4. Checking if it work

# ansav

ANSAV 2.0.11  beta-3 (Linux.2.6.28-11-server)
updated: 16.05.2009
total: 1329 signatures inside

for more command use –help

# ansav –help

ANSAV 2.0.11  beta-3 (Linux.2.6.28-11-server)
updated: 16.05.2009
total: 1329 signatures inside

ansav [options] [path]

-v   verbose mode.
-w   show malware list from database
show also list from external (dbs.anv) if exists.
-f   enable auto fix for every detected threat.
-d   enable auto deletion for every detected threat.
if -f and -d specified auto deletion will be used
for unfixable threat. This rule not affected for suspected object
or you can force delete use `–force-kill` instead.
-r   scan recursively.
-p   format output to pipeline friendly.


ansav -vf /mnt/f

scan and fix every detected threat in directory /mnt/f.

ansav -vfd /mnt/f

scan and fix every detected threat in directory /mnt/f
and delete threat if fix fail.

Need to test it against local virus.

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