Identify on server as : Internet Explorer

Yes, I just realized that things when I got decreased speed of my download. From 32k to 1k.

I think its normal situation since I never see that before. But my download almost over.


After thinking a while I think I must change my identification agent as browser.

To do that I click Download properties.


Click on ‘Protocol’, there is a few option available:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0
  • Netscape Communicator 4.0
  • Opera 3.6

Pick anything other than ‘Free Download Manager 2.x’.


Click ‘Apply’ and try to resume my download.

As I see, I got 34.3 KB/s speed for my download.


Hohohoho, robot versus defined robot.

Give me my download please :-)

Standard operating procedure for clicker, downadup etc

I don’t know what kind of things that entering our network that behave strangely.
Fill up all communication line and make Internet connection plus print sharing don’t work as usually.

After looking around solution out there, I came up with my standard operating procedure :

1. Install Removal tools (

This tool will clean all variant : clicker, downadup, recycler that might already stay in your computer.

2. Install USB Firewall (

This tool will deactivate autorun.inf . Source of this problem.

3. Patch your windows, check your windows first:

– For Windows XP SP2 or SP3, install WindowsXP-KB958644-x86-ENU.exe
– For Windows Vista 32 bit, install Windows6.0-KB958644-x86.msu
– For Vista 64 bit, install Windows6.0-KB958644-x64.msu

I’ll update this post if I have found other interesting solution :-)

The kernel requires the following features not present on the CPU 0:6

That message show up when I try to install Ubuntu Server 8.04.2

Looking around, the solution :

apt-get update
apt-get remove linux-server
apt-get install linux-386
apt-get install linux-server

or change linux-386 with linux-generic

will solve that problem.

FreeBSD 7.1 released, get yours now

It seem FreeBSD 7.1 already release and available from torrent first and followed by master ftp.

go get your iso now!