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Speed up your Internet Connection in easy way

Many internet user, including me, rely on ISP to take care all things for stable and fast internet connection. Starting from conection speed aka bandwidth, phone line till dns issue.

Is there anything I can do as client to make my internet connection experience faster ?

That question make me hunting for more information with google, here’s some info’s I found:

* Disable picture / show image in browser option
* Use Opera browser (Opera motto, the fastest browser on the earth)
* Use proxy ( proxy will save static information from your favourite site in cache storage)
* Use local dns cache

I’m sure I’m still lost some valuable information for it. But it’s ok, practise more will make learn process faster too 🙂

I have Windows XP installed for my PC at home, I already disable picture, using opera and proxy. Now I’ll try to use local dns cache for my computer.

I’m lucky, I found interesting sofware for free with amazing function : “cache dns request”.

Everytime we access internet, like typing :, computer will ask dns server defined in TCP/IP option for IP address. = 123.456.789.10

the number stored in ISP DNS server ( their cache ) and will be use to answer similar question for some period, e.g: 1 day, 2 days and so on.

this software will act like that too, store dns answer in local computer. So, each time dns request occur and the data exist in database this will make internet connection  faster.

Here’s my step from installing till configure the software for full functioning dns cache :

1. Download  Fast Cache from here and put in some location in my computer, double click to start installation.

2. Click I Accept

3.  Click Continue

4. Fast Cache installed

5. Access Fast Cache from menu

6. Press Yes

7. At windows tray, right click on Fast Cache icon


8. Choose Config

9. Change Primary and Secondary DNS servers into your own

10. Last step, change DNS server address to as Preferred DNS Server.


no more delay on dns request means faster connection 😉