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Ipconflict, knowing your secret admirer

Doh, another pop message from tray saying I got ipconflict, need to resolve this problem fast.

My question list :

  1. Who use my ip address ?
  2. What should I do to get clue for my secret admirer ?

Here’s my step to find the clue :


1. Open control panel and double click at “Administrative Tools”


2. Double click on “Event Viewer”


3. Click on System, lists of information will be displayed


4.  Double click on “Error”, to see more information


I see ” 0C:0C:0C:0C:0C:01 “, it’s mac address of  computer who try to use my ip address.

Its time to search  ip address associated with that mac address.

P.S :

use ” ipconfig /all ” to know more information about my ip address