Upgrade Office 2003 to Office 2007 in Windows XP SP2

Today, Boss call our team to his room. He said that he will make presentation of Office 2007. Sigh, I think it just another new version of MS Office. Until all team complete he show about MS Groove, about how collaboration looks like using groove. Wow, very good tool, all task can be synchronized using groove. I choose playing chess 🙂

After taking little team meeting I decide to upgrade to Office 2007 and I’m wrong again. Other component of Office 2007 are great too. No more question and delay time to upgrade to Office 2007 😉

Before upgrade here’s the requirements  (taken from here) :

CPU : 500MHz CPU minimum

RAM : 256MB RAM minimum

Hard drive space : 2GB free hard drive space for installation; final amount used depends on which features are installed

Media drive  : CD or DVD drive

Monitor : Monitor capable of 1024×768 resolution

Operating system : Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or later

Browser : Internet Explorer 6.0 or later, 32-bit browser only

I myself use this :

For quick overview how to upgrade from MS Office 2003 to Office 2007 I make a few screenshots :

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Uninstallling / Remove Microsoft Loopback Adapter in Windows XP

I got used network card for my old computer, it’s enough to do more experiment with ‘real network adapter’ thats way I need to uninstall/remove my loopback adapter. My frist thought about removing microsoft loopback adapter is from control panel till I realize it’s behaves like real network adapter. To remove it off course via hardware menu.

Here’s step by step removing process Microsoft loopback adapter in my windows xp :

1. Open My Computer

2. Right Click on My Computer, followed by click Properties

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Configure FTP server in windows for quick class task

Chemistry class will be over and assignment need to collect  very soon. I have to set quick ftp server shared folder to accomplished that task.

Each student must send their task  via ftp. Filezilla already set in last meeting, now  must configure it for student, need quick and easy way.

1. Student save their task with winzip file with their name as file name

2. Using assigned user : class1 and password 123456

3. Shared folder in read and write mode,  they must honest, as md5 file of their task is the only proof for receipt 🙂

Here’s my steps for configure Filezilla FTP server :

Click FileZilla Server Interface to edit some configuration

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Install Microsoft Loopback adapter in Windows XP

Loopback adapter, what was that? another tutorial in dynamips tell about loopback adapter.
After googling for a while I found some interesting link to help me to answer my question.

Loopback adapter, this adapter suitable for computer who don’t have network adapter installed.

I see, I already use vmware where I can add new adapter as much as I can 🙂
I like graphic visualization , here’s the steps :

1.  The network before add loopback adapter


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Mysql Workbench

From mysql page :

MySQL Workbench is a database modeling tool for MySQL. You can use it to design and create new database schemas, document existing databases and even perform complex migrations to MySQL. Main features:

  • fast OpenGL based canvas (requires hardware OpenGL)
  • database reverse-engineering
  • database/model synchronization
  • SQL script generation
  • quickly accessible ‘Overview’ mode, where the entire model is zoomed out to fit the canvas
  • design your database in conceptual, logical and physical levels
  • extensible architecture
  • export as SQL CREATE script
  • import/export DBDesigner4 models
  • visual representation of tables, views, stored procedure/functions
  • support for MySQL 5 features
  • selectable notations for diagram

at time of writing latest version mysql workbench is 1.1.0Alpha, download link for windows x86

Mysql workbench formerly was dbdesigner from fabforce.net.

I try to install it before learn it more :


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