No more, avoid it in your network!

Sigh… I hate

Since a lot of router or access point built in ip configured for by default

Same ip make ipconflict and make my day ruined

Message for other newbie

don’t use as ip for your server

use other ip like : or it’s safer from

get it out from your master plan 🙂

Opening port remote desktop on firewall

Due to change of branch location make my friend need to remote his computer (windows xp) office for efficiency, we discussing about using remote desktop in reality.

Remote desktop use port 3389 so the schema to remote is :

outside –> port 500 –> firewall forward –> 3389

Since load balancing policy, specific address need to remote desktop, e.g :


then firewall will forward that request to port 3389

what if no firewall involve then direct public address accessible :


doh, no firewall ? Consider install zonealarm for free 🙂

In general :

Windows XP Remote Desktop PORT : 3389

80? no it’s web server

21? no, it’s ftp

25? no, it’s email

no more question please 😉

Learn cisco router with dynamips, know my router

Doh, additional stuff needed to run cisco router that just arrived in the lab. Its Cisco router 2801 series. Before handling it in “real world” I must know it first via cyber world 🙂

I think I must know the features, googling it, resulted this link :

Interactive Model of the Cisco 2801 Integrated Services Router

Product Spesifications

Key Features of the Cisco 2801 Integrated Services Router

Models comparison

Wow, frankly I no nothing around this stuff, but thats the challenge 🙂

From zero to one.

With 2801 IOS in my hand, ready to explore!


Ok, start learning :
1. I copy cisco 2801 to C:\Program Files\Dynamips\images

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Install Dynamips using dynagen in Windows XP

For end user like me, dynamips isn’t easy to install. I remember first time install of Redhat 5.0 make my HD crash and die with honor 🙂

Dynagen provide click next and next method, easy to follow and make installation step is not more nightmare. To install dynamips using dynagen require three things :

  1. Winpcap 4.0, click here to download
  2. Latest dynagen, click here to download
  3. Windows XP SP2

After download those files, I can start installation :

I. Winpcap install

Double click installer

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Operation is not allowed when the object is closed

New problem come with javascript 🙂

php and mysql script that proven to work suddenly pop error message and entire editing process get stuck 🙁

Error message :

” Operation is not allowed when the object is closed “

line 94
char 11
code 0

file display.php

a few suspect come after :




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